Growing Medium

Coco Coir

Coco-coir also known as Coir-dust or Fibre-dust is Bi-product of the coconut industry that is a direct and organic alternate to mined peat and rock-wool. It promises better plant and root growth due to its organic nature, high air porosity and water holding capacity. Special care is taken to reduce electric conductivity (salt contents) and in also neutralizing the ph.-level to suit horticulture standards. It is free of plant pathogens and weeds and is produced by sustainable methods without causing any damage to the environment. Coco-coir is used extensively as a soil-less medium, as a blend with soil, in nurseries, greenhouses and hydroponic units.

coco coir

Elite Coir

Elite Coir is a more fibrous coir growing medium. Being more fibrous and porous, Elite Coir expands easily, and has a better expanded volume. Elite Coir has good water and nutrient holding capacity. The additional fibre present in the Elite Coir helps the roots to get a stronger support.


Neem Coir

Neem Coir is an organic growing medium manufactured by blending coco-coir with neem cake. Neem cake has always been considered as a fine Agri-input. Hence, while blending coco-peat and neem cake, a superior product is obtained. Neem coir can be used for garden plants, fruits, vegetables, palm trees and other trees. Due to the presence of neem cake, neem coir protects the plants from nematodes, insects and other soil pests, which are a great threat to plant growth.


Coco Husk Chips

Coconut husk is the rough exterior layer of the coconut and it is fibrous, porous and spongy in nature. They have a high water and nutrient absorption and retention capacity and can hold moisture up to 7 times their weight. It is a proven growing medium for anthurium, orchids and bromeliads.

coco husk chips

Grown; Not Mined